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How do I find my emails from PowerSchool? When using WebMail, emails from PowerSchool are defaulted to the OTHER tab.  The emails will be from noreply@truenorthlogic.com.   Please see the picture below. 

PowerSchool Email Location


Transcript Tab: How to Check Your Number of PD Credit Hours (Video) 


Outside PD Request-Step 1 (Video)  PRIOR to attending any PD activity that is not offered by your school or our district and for any online activity for which you want to receive PD credit, you will use OUTSIDE PD Request tab.    Step 1 video will show you the steps to get pre-approval that an activity is approved for PD hours. 


Outside PD Request-Step 2 (Video)  This video will show you how to check if your request was approved. 


Outside PD Request-Step 3 (Video)  This video will show you the steps you need to complete once you have attended/completed your online/or outside PD session and have your documentation that you have attended/completed. 


Home or Course Tabs: Where do I find Surveys that I need to complete? (Video)

Course Tab:  How to I register/withdraw for a PD session offered by the District or my School (Video)

Present a Course:  To get approval to present a PD session at your school or for our district. Once approved, this session will be added to the Courses section for other district teachers to register to attend.  


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