PD Process Using Google Forms

The following directions will walk you through the process of the professional development approval process and awarding of PD hours.

PD Approval Request  

Any activity you wish to complete AND apply to your PD hours MUST be pre-approved by emailing Janice Marcum prior to attending. This includes sessions that you wish to attend over the summer.  You must have prior approval of PD hours before attending an out-of-district session (even if hosted by KEDC), online PD session, or a session you wish to present within the district (this includes principals wanting to set up a PD session at their individual schools).  You cannot attend a session and request PD hours afterward.  

FYI...If you wish to attend a session that is hosted at the district level (such as Kagan, district conference, etc.), you do not need to email Janice Marcum.

*Before requesting permission, you must have approval from your building principal.  This ensures that the activity aligns with your PGP or the school/district’s CSIP/CDIP.

Accessing the Completed PD Credit Request Form

The link will be available on the Boyd County Public Schools Webpage within the Staff dropdown menu under Professional Development.  

FYI...The Completed PD Credit Request Form must be submitted and backup documentation (such as certificates or sign-in sheets) must be sent to Janice Marcum before PD hours will be awarded.

Directions for Completing the PD Credit Request Form

  • The Completed PD Credit Request Google Form must be submitted within 48 hours of attending any in-person or online PD session.
  • Once you have accessed the form through the link, answer each question and click submit at the bottom.
  • A response receipt will be sent to your email as documentation that you have submitted the form.
  • Send backup documentation (such as certificates or sign-in sheets) to Janice Marcum through the courier.  Please do not send documentation through email.  It can easily get overlooked due to the volume of emails received daily.  
  • Once backup documentation is approved by Janice Marcum, and it has been verified that you have submitted your Completed PD Credit Request Form, the appropriate PD hours will be applied.  
  • A report containing your accumulated PD hours will be sent to your principal at the end of each nine weeks and following the May 1st deadline each school year.  At this time, you will verify that all of your hours are correctly documented.

Additional Clarifications

  • You must use your Boyd County email address and login for any PD submissions through Google Forms.  A personal Gmail account should not be used.
  • As a reminder, if you will be attending a professional meeting outside of the district, you must fill out a Professional Meeting Request and have it signed by your principal.  The Professional Meeting Request is documentation that you have permission to be outside of the district and have an approved funding source.  Remember, if you need reimbursed, you will need a copy of the Professional Meeting Request when you fill out the Reimbursement Form.
  • You MUST sign the sign-in sheet at any event you attend in district.  This is YOUR responsibility. If your name is not on the sign-in sheet, you will NOT receive credit for attending.
  • It is your responsibility to keep documentation (copies of certificates, lists of sessions that you have attended and signed a sign-in sheet, etc.) of your PD hours after you have sent the backup to Janice Marcum at Central Office.
  • Submitting the Completed PD Credit Request Form does not automatically guarantee that PD hours will be applied.  Backup documentation must be received and approved before hours will be applied.
  • If you have questions/concerns about your PD hours, please only contact Janice Marcum AFTER the nine weeks report has been sent to your principal.
  • Remember, you should be tracking your own PD hours and should not need to view accrued hours other than the specified times (each nine weeks) that the reports are generated.  
  • If you have technical issues, contact Cindy Pontier.  


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