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Professional Development in the Boyd County School District is designed to meet the needs of school staff and administration based on goals and objectives set forth in school/district Comprehensive Improvement Plans and Individual Growth Plans. KRS 156.095 mandates four contract days (24 hours) of Professional Development. One of those days is controlled by the district for district-wide trainings or trainings that are mandated by state or federal law. The other three days are controlled by the school council and they will plan activities that will address the school’s Comprehensive Improvement Plan, Individual Growth Plans, and other priority needs of that school.
Professional Development is also the focus of 704 KAR 3:035. Some of the highlights of this regulation are:
  • “Professional Development” means those experiences which systematically, over a sustained period of time, enable educators to acquire and apply knowledge, understanding, skills, and abilities to achieve personal, professional and organizational goals and to facilitate the learning of students.
  • Professional Development activities shall be related to teachers’ instructional assignments and administrators’ professional responsibilities. Activities shall support the local school’s identified instructional improvement goals and objectives.
  • Activities for professional development credit of classroom teachers shall not supplant any of the six (6) hour instructional day.
  • Professional development credit shall not be awarded for those activities that provide remuneration beyond travel, food, lodging or tuition.
  • Activities which are not appropriate as professional development experiences shall include the following:
1) Organizational business meetings
2) Compiling class rosters
3) Scheduling
4) Textbook adoption committee meetings
5) Writing lesson plans
6) Housekeeping duties
7) Faculty meetings
8) Extracurricular activities
9) PTA/PTO meetings
10) Sporting events
11) Field Trips
12) Parent-Teacher conferences
Teachers planning to attend professional meetings, workshops, or seminars must submit a Professional Duty Absence Request form five days in advance. This form must be filled out completely and all funding sources must be identified properly. This form will be approved by the following parties: 1) Supervisor; 2) District PD Coordinator; 3) Business Manager; and 4) Superintendent. If the form is not filled out in its entirety, then it will be sent back by one of these people. This will slow down the approval process.
Professional Development Planning
In planning your professional development and making sure you are timely in meeting requirements, please adhere to the following outline:

The district mandates one professional development day (6 hours). The other three days appear in the calendar as “flexible” PD days, with school councils/principals having authority over those days. In order to count a “flexible” day as worked, you must have already satisfied those hours in an earlier session or have them encumbered in an already approved PD activity (principal’s signed approval).
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