Boyd County Career and Technical Education Center has been in operation since the Fall semester of 1974.
On any given day you will find more than 600 students in our classrooms.

We provide more than an education. We give students experience and teach them skills to prepare for life beyond high school.

Boyd County High School and Boyd County Career and Technical Education Center offer co-op experience and a work shadowing experience to our seniors. A student may gain co-op experience in the following areas: Welding, Auto Tech, Drafting, Child Care, Business and Marketing, Consumer Science, Academic Areas of Math and Science, Agriculture, Pre-Nursing and Allied Health, and CISCO and Internet Securities. A student may also gain career experience through our school-to-work shadowing program that allows students to shadow nine-weeks in each of three career choices.
Trade & Technical Education
Industrial Education programs are designed to provide specialized skills related to a variety of occupations. Many of the classes we offer in trade and technical education are Dual Credit classes with ACTC.

Agricultural Technology
Agricultural Science is designed to provide career exploration, orientation, and preparation for those students who have an interest in some aspect of agriculture.  The knowledge and performance skills required for successful achievement and/or advancement in agricultural occupations constitute the central focus of the program.

Information Technology   
Information Technology (IT) is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-
based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware.

Consumer Sciences
Consumer and Family Management prepares students for family life, work life and careers in Human Services.  Opportunities are provided to develop knowledge and skills that focus on career majors/clusters.  Students have the opportunity at BCCTEC to complete the necessary requirements needed to complete a CDA.

Health Careers
The Health Science Program provides the secondary student with orientation, exploration, and preparation into the health care industry. Courses are sequenced to provide continuous student progress toward achievement of a career major goal. The integration of mathematics, science, communication and technical knowledge is a vital component of each course offering.
This program develops an understanding of business principles and procedures. Students can take classes aimed toward business administration and management, business multimedia, accounting,  or business technology.

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