Boyd County Foundation For Children, Inc. Announces 2018-2019 Grant Recipients

Summit - The Boyd County Foundation For Children, a non-profit organization which operates autonomously from the district, has chosen to award $8,012 in grant funding for the next school year.

The board of the Foundation met on Thursday, April 19, 2018 to discuss the funding requests for teacher projects throughout the district. A total of 18 grant applications were received and 13 teacher projects were awarded funding, most of which were at or near $1,000 each.

The following grant proposals were awarded funding:

Mike Spears, Boyd County High School, The Art of Block Printing
Boyd County High School art students will learn a 2,000 year-old process by creating their own block prints. This activity will expand their knowledge of using negative and positive space and tessellation, as well as the printing process and the artists who used this medium.

Annie Johnson, Catlettsburg Elementary, “Aladdin”
Boyd County Public Schools’ students in grades four through nine will have the opportunity to audition, rehearse, and perform the musical “Aladdin” for members of the community and their peers. The intent of this project is to provide students with the chance to put on a musical within their own school district. In addition to those who will be performing in the production, the project will incorporate students in art and vocational classes who will assist in designing and building the sets.

Lisa Selvage, Catlettsburg Elementary, Hear Me Speak
This project will implement the use of technology and applications to provide non-verbal students or students with severe communication deficits with the ability to communicate by using the "Prologue2Go" application on the Apple iPad.

Krista All, Catlettsburg Elementary, Sensory Integration into Instruction – Zones of Regulation
Children with autism often have one or more sensory areas, such as visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, etc. in which they struggle. This 'sensory diet' needs to be tailored to the individual so that learning can be maximized. It's important to provide coping skills, strategies and resources. This can be done with the appropriate sensory equipment. The equipment provided by this grant will enhance the learning environment and increase student success.

Sheri Henry, Ponderosa Elementary, Reading Eggs 2018-2019
“Reading Eggs” is a computer-based program that is aligned with the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. The program gives students a one-on-one learning environment where they can learn at a rate that suits their reading level, ability and progress.

Jordan Stevens, Summit Elementary, Academic Team Buzzer System
In order to practice for their Quick Recall matches, the head coach, Ms. Stevens, will use two newly purchased buzzer systems. This will better prepare the team and help them become acclimated to the conditions they will face in competitions.

Tanya Queen and the teachers at the Early Childhood Learning Center – South, Reading is FUNdamental
 The goal of this project is to help students learn about plants, animals, seasons, and more while building foundational reading, science, social studies, math, social development, and technology skills. These skills will be the building blocks for the student’s entry into kindergarten.

Larry Salyers, Cannonsburg Elementary, Paws News
Students at Cannonsburg Elementary provide a news broadcast every school day. Through this media, they share announcements, weather conditions, breakfast and lunch menus, and student achievements. The newscast is run completely by students and the whole school watches it each morning. With this grant, students will have new audio/video equipment to replace the antiquated ones they’ve been using.

Lisa Wiler, ACCESS (Academic and Creative Climate Empowering Student Success), You Can Do the Cube
Students will use the Rubik’s Cube educational set to reinforce skills in the areas of measurement, volume, fractions, decimals, geometry, algebra, mosaic art, DNA and much more. Ms. Wiler will use the sets as an instructional tool. However, after they’ve mastered the basics, students may want to participate in the various competitions that are offered.

Christi Shelton, Ponderosa Elementary, Reader’s Theatre Night
Fourth and fifth grade students will prepare reader’s theatre plays to perform for their school, families, and the community during a Reader’s Theatre Night event. Through this project, students will learn the elements of drama and participate in all aspects of preparing a dramatic work for performance.

Mary Beth Vance, Cannonsburg Elementary, If Calculators Could Talk
If calculators could talk, they would explain how important it is to have  grade-appropriate calculators equipped with the same advanced functions they will need later on. This project will take the students through a set of activities familiarizing them with math concepts, processes, operations, and procedures.

Robert Pulliam, Ramey-Estep High School, LEGO© Technic STEM Opportunity for At-Risk Teens
This project will incorporate the use of LEGO© Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs building kits to accomplish multiple goals in STEM subjects as well as reinforce the ability to work as a team.  Students will learn hands-on approaches to concepts such as hydraulics/pneumatics, fluid pressure, levers and mechanical advantage, and the basic concepts of the internal combustion engine.

Paul McKenzie, Ramey-Estep High School, Kindle Fire© Tablets for At-risk Youth
Ramey-Estep High is an alternative school attached to a residential youth treatment facility. Paperback novel sets and textbooks are either extremely out-of-date or in tatters. Technology, such as the Kindle Fire tablets, will give students an extra incentive to engage in reading. The Kindle Fire tablets will also allow for easier access to the internet.

A special recognition for the recipients of these grants was held during the May 22, 2018 Boyd County Board of Education meeting.

The Foundation board agreed to expend nearly 25% of its funds this year and hopes to be able to continue the grant process for years to come. However, at the current rate of distribution, the board anticipates only 4 to 5 more years of awarding grants.

“We are always looking for new ways to fund our endowment and are always open to suggestions from anyone who realizes the importance of the activities and learning experiences they provide for Boyd County’s students,” said Marc Rosen, President of the Foundation.

You may give to the Boyd County Foundation For Children by contacting the District Liaison at 606-928-4141.

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