Key Club

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Boyd County High School Key Club
14375 Lions Lane, Ashland, KY  41102
PH:  606-928-7100



BCHS KEY CLUB focuses on developing strong leadership skills  AND
promoting community betterment through service and involvement.
We care about our school, families, and community!


Be Kind & Respectful Always!
Make a Difference Daily!


Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month @ 7:45 am.
Listen for announcements and watch for notifications on the Key Club board 
along front hallway (Foreign Lang hall next to Mrs. Duncan's room)


Sign-up sheets for all activities are located on the Key Club board (next to Mrs. Duncan's room)

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  If you sign up to bring items, please remember to bring your items. If you sign up to volunteer for an activity, please make every effort to show up on time and as scheduled.  It is important to follow through with all commitments to prevent an inconvenience or hardship for the event or organization for which you are assisting. 
If you need to cancel in a timely manner (before the day of the activity), please remove your name from the sign-up sheet so that others may have the opportunity for the opening.  If you must cancel the day of OR last minute due to circumstances, please notify one of your sponsors immediately.  



Twitter (STUDENT Led Account)

Snapchat & Instagram (STUDENT Led Accounts)

Twitter (ADVISOR Led Account)



*Complete Membership Application (every year)
*Membership Dues Paid in Full (every year)
*Participate in at least EIGHT Activities/Projects per year
*Attend at least EIGHT General Meetings per year
*Complete 50 Volunteer Hours per year AND at least 
30 of those hours MUST be Key Club related

*Keep all record keeping up to date as instructed 
INCLUDING submission of your service hours ON TIME




Club Info

Key Club Core Values

Key Club Motto 
Caring – Our way of Life

Key Club Pledge
I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club International; To build my home, school, and community; To serve my nation and God; and to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

OFFICERS  2019 - 2020:
President:  Olivia Mulhearn           
Vice President:  
Erin Borders                
Emily Ross     
Editor:  Lexi Marcum
Historian:  Jessie Williams
President ElectEmily Ross
Vice President ElectLexi Marcum
Senior Director:  Hannah Taylor
Junior Director:  JB Walter
Sophomore Director:  Layla Brown
Freshman Director:  Waylon Smith
LT Governor Division 8:  

Shelli Wilburn 
Shelia Duncan 
Kira Wilburn

Advisors' Email:


Contact Us
Boyd County High School (9-12)
14375 Lions Lane
Ashland, KY 41102
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Phone: 606.928.7100
Fax: 606.928.1312