David Yost has a special Senior Night (story from the Greater Ashland Beacon)

Friday Night Love

Ailing Mother Spends Boyd County Senior Night with Son

Adam Black - The Greater Ashland Beacon

Vickie Aleshire in her hospital bed attends her son's Senior Night at Lions Stadium.Friday night lights shined a little brighter for Boyd County High School Senior David Yost as his mother was proudly beside him for one of his biggest nights throughout his football career. 

One by one seniors on the football team walked onto the field Friday evening with their parents for senior night, but for Yost his mother was wheeled out on a hospital bed with the crowd cheering.

“This means the world to me,” Yost said. “I can’t believe she was able to make it.”

Yost’s mother, Vicki Aleshire, has been diagnosed with several illnesses over the past two years and has been placed in a nursing home with a grim outlook from doctors.

“She is truly an inspiration to me and means the world to me,” Yost said, as he held his mother’s hand.
“I have to be there for my son,” Aleshire said. “I couldn’t miss this.”

With uncertainty whether Aleshire would be able to attend the game, Yost returned to the football field that night to walk with his other family members which included two sisters and his foster parents, who have stepped in to take care of Yost due to Aleshire’s illnesses.

“It was unclear if I would be able to come until about an hour or so ago,” Aleshire said. “The community really got together and made it happen.”

While Yost was preparing for one of his final games of the season, members of the nursing home, EMT’s and the athletic director were scrambling to come up with a plan to get Aleshire to the game for Yost’s special moment.

“The athletic director let them drive me inside the gate, so I’d be right beside the field to line up at the 50-yard line with other parents,” Aleshire said. “The nursing home was able to get me an ambulance to bring me here, and it has all worked out perfectly.”

As Yost’s name rang out through the stadium and he and his mother, along with the rest of his family, began to cross the field, wide grins covered both Yost and Aleshire’s faces. As the family walked down the field and into their spot, friends, family and fans cheered for the family.

“I’m so proud of all my children,” Aleshire said. “They are the reason I fight each day.”

Once every seniors name was called on the team, the team surrounded Yost and his mother on the field and introduced themselves and offered words of encouragement.

“There is something special about Boyd County,” Aleshire said. “The community is always ready to help.”

Friday night’s game was the first game Aleshire was able to attend during Yost’s senior year, but she is no stranger to the Boyd County School system. For several years Aleshire dedicated her life to helping students. Acting as a regular volunteer before her illnesses, including being PTO president, volunteering at football games and throughout the community at her church.

“I have been blessed,” Aleshire said. “I really want to thank everyone who is helping him and all my children during this time.”

As Aleshire was loaded back into the ambulance after the ceremony, Yost kissed his mother’s forehead with an “I love you.”

Aleshire replied to her son, “Get us a win tonight!”

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