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 Simple Activities that will help your child use their skills in a
real life environment
Week 1:
Sounds:  Name 3 things that you would use to make a snowman.  Give your snowman a name that has your sounds in it and then practice your sounds using a similiar sentence. "(Snowman's name)  is of made of (items you used to make your snowman.)"  Example sentences:  'Tom is made of snow.  Tom has sticks for his arms.  Tom has buttons for his eyes.....'.
Language:   Talk about the items you need to make a snowman and then tell the sequence of how you make a snowman.  Remember to use words like 'first, next, last' when telling the sequence of steps you go thru to make a snowman.
Week 2:
Sounds:  Explain what you like best about winter.  Be sure to listen for words in your answer that have your sound in them.  Remember to say them correctly when sharing your answer.

Language: Think of 5 things that go with 'winter'.  Explain how they go with winter.  (Example:  Christmas lights-  You see Christmas lights during winter.)
Week 3:
Sounds:   Think of 5 Christmas gifts that you can give to someone that has your sound in it.  Say each word 3 times each.

 Think of 7 different gifts that people can buy for Christmas.  Tell the category of each gift and tell where you would find each gift.  (Example:  Gloves -- clothing (category), JCPenny or Target (place find the item)). 

Week 4:
Sounds: Think about the presents you reveived for Christmas.  Make a list of the things you received that have your sound in them.  Use the following sentence to practice your sounds:  "For Christmas someone gave me (gift's name)."  I like (gift's name) because......................" 

Language: Make a list of the presents you received for Christmas.  Sort the presents into different categories (Example:  clothing, stuffed animals, books.....).  After this, pick 2 of your favorite presents and explain the parts of each one.
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