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bubbling flaskWelcome To The Science Pagebubbling flask

Unit 6:  Matter
Matter makes up everything around us and can exist in three states:  solid, liguid, or gas.  In this unit we will be exploring the three states of matter through several hands-on activities.  We will also observe how matter can change from one state to another.  Keep checking back for more updates as we go through this exciting  standards-based unit!

Today (3/16/12) we observed a physical change in matter when we mixed three different liguids together:  colored water, vegetable oil, and syrup.  A physical change is when matter changes its size or shape, such as cutting an apple in half.  A mixture is a physical change and is something made up of two or more different things.  For this demonstration we started with blue water in our container then made predictions about what we thought would happen when we added the vegetable oil.  Next, we added the vegetable oil which floated on top of the water.  After discussing what we thought the syrup would do we poured it in.  Much to the students' surprise the syrup went straight to the bottom.  We found out the three liguids wouldn't mix because they each have different densities, therefore, we had 3 different layers of liguids.  Density is the word used to describe how much an object weighs based on its size. A more dense object will weigh more than a less dense objectLast, we shook the bottle to see if we could force the liguids to mix and stay together but pretty soon we could see the distinct layers revealing themselves once again!   Check out the pics. from today's science lesson:


Here we are making Slime!  Watch what happens when you mix 2 liguids, water and glue, with a solid, Borax laundry detergent.......... Oooooh gross but super cool!!!! 



Unit 1:  Plants

bean plant
Here we are exploring some different bean seeds.  We soaked them in water for a
few hours so the seed coat would slide off easily.  We then examined the inside
to view the shoot and leaflet!  Nature is sooooooo cool!!!




Unit 2:  Animals

Unit 3:  Forces and Machines

Unit 4:  Fossils
In our fossils unit we learned how fossils are made and how to look for clues for what kinds of plants and animals made them.  We know fossils help us learn about our earth and creatures that inhabited it before we came along.  Here are pictures of us making our own fossils using Play-doh and mystery objects.  After making our fossil, we had to go around and try to guess what each others' were.  The really enjoyed this activity!! 

Unit 5:  Planets



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