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Journal Topics

  1. Imagine you had a hundred dollars but you couldn’t keep it.  You had to give it away to a person or a charity.  To whom would you give it and what would you want them to do with it?
  2. Describe a dream that you had recently. Provide as many details as possible.
  3. Tell five things you would like on your next birthday.
  4. Describe your perfect vacation.
  5. Draw a picture of your room.
  6. My worst mistake was…What did I learn?
  7. What are the qualities for a best friend?
  8. If you were an insect, what would you be and why?
  9. Think back as far as you can. List your earliest memories and the details that surround them.
  10. Make a list of your favorite things: movies, books, places, people, music, food
  11. Look out the window, what do you see, hear, and smell?
  12. Describe a common item in the classroom.
  13. List the top five most important moments in your life.  Describe your feelings about each of these moments.
  14. Make up a conversation your pet would have about your family.
  15. Write a letter to your  crush.
  16. Write a letter to your parents.  Tell them how you feel about your family life.
  17. Write a thank you note to a friend who gave you onion and garlic flavored chewing gum.
  18. Write about your favorite childhood toy.
  19. If and when I have children, I’ll never…
  20. Three goals I have made for myself are…
  21. What would you do if you were locked inside your favorite department store overnight?
  22. What would you do if you could travel into the future?
  23. What would you do if someone gave you one million dollars?
  24. Make a list of at least 25 things that make you feel good.
  25. Tell about what triggers angers in you or someone else.
  26. Invent a monster and describe it. Draw a picture of it.
  27. What law would you like to see enacted which would help people? How would it help?
  28. What commercial on TV do you dislike beyond all others? What about it is particularly annoying to you?
  29. What current fashion in clothing do you like or dislike? Why?
  30. If you could do something that you never have done before, what would it be?  Why would you want to do it?
  31. What is your hobby? Why do you enjoy it?
  32. Write a disappointment.
  33. Did you ever know someone who has “everything?”
  34. Write about an experience in a hospital.
  35. Describe a time when you were brave.
  36. If you could cook a meal for your family, what would it be? How would you make it?
  37. Imagine that you opened a restaurant. What would you name it? What kind of food would you serve?
  38. What would it be like to have a monkey for a pet?
  39. Imagine if you could have lunch with a celebrity. Who would it be and what would you talk about?
  40. Describe the oldest person that you know.
  41. Think about a time that you won something. What did you win and how did you win it?
  42. Invent a new sandwich. What would it have on it?
  43. Describe several ways that people your age can earn money.
  44. Would you rather live in a castle, a houseboat, or a farm? Why?
  45. Describe one thing that you are really good at.
  46. If you were on a television game show, what would it be. Why would you like to be on it?
  47. What do you like best about your home?
  48. How old were you four years ago? Describe some things that you can do now that you couldn’t do then.
  49. Make a list of your favorite songs.
  50. What is your favorite Disney character or movie and why is it your favorite?
  51. Something people usually don't notice about me is...
  52. Do you accept yourself as you are, or would you like to be someone else?
  53. What are your strengths?
  54. How do you keep your teachers happy?
  55. What is your favorite school memory?
  56. Write about your dream house. What would be inside?
  57. What is your favorite game?
  58. What is your favorite thing about your parents?
  59. Imagine your life as an adult. What would you do all day?
  60. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done?
  61. The most terrifying moment of my life was . . .
  62. What are you looking forward to the most?
  63. Three things you can’t go without.
  64. Three favorite things to wear.
  65. If you had to evacuate your home because of a natural disaster, what three things would you take with you?
  66. If you could change one thing about your present life, what would it be?
  67. Who made you feel good this week?
  68. What makes you unique?
  69. What’s under your bed?
  70. What is your favorite junk food?
  71. If I were the teacher, I would…
  72. If I could change one thing about myself, I would…
  73. Five years from now I will be…
  74. Describe an event that changed your life forever, or make up and describe an event that would change your life forever.
  75. Write about a day you'd like to forget.
  76. What would you do if you woke up one morning to find yourself invisible?
  77. If you were ruler of the world, what things would you banish absolutely for all time (rain on weekends, eggplant, and so forth)?  Make a list.  Use your imagination.
  78.   If you could do something that you never have done before, what would it be?  Why would you want to do it?
  79. Write one characteristic or habit about yourself that you like and describe it.  Or write about one thing you don't like about yourself.
  80. Describe your neighborhood bully.
  81. Describe a great fort you built for a great game you played as a child.
  82. Write about the stray animal you brought home.
  83. Write about a difficult decision you had to make.
  84. Were you ever locked in or out?  What did you do?
  85. Did your mom or dad ever make you wear something you hated?
  86. Were you ever accused of something that you didn't do?
  87. Describe the best concert you ever attended.
  88. Write about moving to another city or neighborhood.
  89. Write about going shopping for new clothes.
  90. Choose an event in your life that would make a good basis for a book.  Explain why other people would be interested in reading about you r experience.
  91. What kinds of books do you enjoy reading? Write a note to the librarian, asking her to get more of the types of books you love for the library.
  92. What makes you unhappy about school? How could you change this?
  93. How do you feel about computer? Why do you feel that way?
  94. If you could bring any musical group to your school for a free concert, which group would you choose?  Write a letter to the principal, explaining why he should approve the concert.
  95. What surprise would you like to find in a cereal box? Why?
  96. Write a short fairy tale that includes a princess, a gnome, a magic gem, and a talking wand.
  97. If you could be a kind witch or an evil warlock, which would you choose to be? How would you use your powers?
  98. Describe someone who is a hero to you.
  99. Write an advertisement for your favorite food. Why should other people try it?
  100. What do you imagine fish think about as they swim around in a tank?  Write a short dialogue between two goldfish.
  101. If you found a wallet full of money, would you return it to the owner or keep the money. Explain your answer.
  102. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of having your best friend live with you.
  103. Would you rather be the tallest or the shortest person in your class? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?
  104. If you could eat only one type of food for a month, what would you choose?  How do you think you would feel about that food after the month was over?
  105. How could you persuade your teacher to switch desks with you?
  106. Imagine a national holiday has been established in your honor. What might people do on your special day?
  107. What is your favorite subject in school?  Why? What careers might allow you to use your skills and knowledge in that subject?
  108. Write a review of a movie you have recently watched.
  109. What do you think your teacher was like as a child?
  110. If you could predict the future, what would you want to know?  How could you use your knowledge to help humanity?
  111. List as many emotions as you can think of. What colors do you associate with each emotion? Explain your selections.
  112. What do you think teachers talk about in the teachers’ lounge?
  113. If you could be any celestial body, what would you be? Why?
  114. How could  you convince your teacher to conduct class outside today?
  115. What advice would you give younger children to help them be successful in school?
  116. What would you like your teacher to tell future students about your class?
  117. If you could appear on your favorite television show, what show would it be and how would you fit into the plot?
  118. Do you think today’s movies and television programs contain too much violence? Defend your position.
  119. Do you enjoy hot weather or cold weather more? What activities do you enjoy during this type of weather?
  120. What magazines do you enjoy? What useful information do you find in these magazines?
  121. Describe your most embarrassing moment.



  1. Imagine that you are an animal in the zoo.  What type of animal are you?  How do you feel? about being caged?  How do you feel about people that visit and watch you?


  1. Write about a time your parents embarrassed you.


  1. You go to the store with your parents and baby brother.  Your parents go into a store and tell you to watch your brother.  You take your eyes off your brother for just a minute and you can't find him.  You...


  1. What would you pack in your suitcase if you could not go home again?


  1. What if you were named principal for the week?  What would you do?


  1. As I approached the deserted house at the end of the road, I saw...


  1. Write a short biography of your mother.


  1. If you had three wishes, what would they be?  (Do not ask for three more wishes)


  1. What is something special and/or different about you?  Why do you think it is special or different?


  1. Describe your favorite place and time to read. Why is it so special to you?


  1. Choose an event in your life that would make a good basis for a book.  Explain why other people would be interested in reading about your experience.


  1. Do you think it is ever a good idea to end a friendship? Why or why not?


  1. What makes you unhappy about school? How could you change this?


  1. If you could eliminate either crime or pollution, which would you choose and why?


  1. What would you like to change about your town? How could you do it?


  1. If you could have a party and invite anyone you wanted, living or dead, who would be on your guest list? Why?


  1. Describe your idea of a perfect vacation.


  1. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Why?


  1. Create your own super hero. What special powers  would this hero possess? How would he or she use those powers? What would his or her name be?


  1. How could you modify a school bus to make the ride to school a more enjoyable experience?


  1. Name five people that you admire. What qualities do they have that are admirable to you?


  1. Write about two things that your family has taught you.


  1. Write about some of the things that you worry about.


  1. Describe a happy memory of your family.


  1. How do you know someone loves you, even if he or she doesn't say it?


  1. Imagine yourself as a teacher.  What type of student would you like to teach and why?


  1. Name and describe a teacher who made a difference in your life.  What did that teacher do that was so special?


  1. What makes you proud to be an American?


  1. Describe the one thing that gives you the most comfort.


  1. If you had to work in any store at your favorite mall,  which store would it be and why?


  1. Describe the most difficult thing about being your age.


  1. Describe one possession that means the most to you.


  1. If you could study one subject in school that wasn't offered, what would it be and why?


  1. Describe your dream house.


  1. Who is your favorite person to be with?  Why?


  1. What would be your ideal job when you grow up?  Explain.


  1. If you could guest star on any TV show, what would it be and why?


  1. What is your definition of success?


  1. The saying goes, "Money cannot buy happiness."  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?


  1. I am best known for…


  1. I would be great at…


  1. I really don’t like…


  1. I love it when…


  1. The true meaning of cool to me is…


  1. List 25 things that would make you even happier if they happened tomorrow.


  1. What is your favorite class at school, and why?


  1. If you could give the world a gift, what would it be?


  1. Recently I made someone smile by…


  1. How do you feel when someone you don’t know smiles at you?


  1. People misunderstand me when…


  1. Things that make me sad.


  1. When I have a bad day, I…


  1. Describe your morning.


  1. My ultimate bedroom would look like…


  1. The best way for me to deal with stress is…


  1. List things that you would like to learn (juggle, cartwheel, whistle, etc.)


  1. What are some things that you could teach a younger person?


  1. What would be the perfect pet? What would you name it?


  1. What is a gift that you would like to give a family member?


  1. What is a struggle that you overcame?


  1. If I get married, I want my mate to be…


  1. What is a place that you are, or were, afraid of?




  1. Picture the meal at Christmas (or any holiday). Now focus on one of your five senses: see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. Describe what that sense experiences throughout the meal.


  1. What is your best memory from high school?
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