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American The Story of Us Episode 1 (Colonies)https://youtu.be/G7_KgTy0GFE

!st English Settlements https://youtu.be/o69TvQqyGdg

French & Indian War  https://youtu.be/VuQ5SzExJNc 

Proclamation of 1763  https://youtu.be/eP3kvzZ_b-M

No Taxation Without Representation  https://youtu.be/WvOZs3g3qIo

Boston Massacre  https://youtu.be/O05rNWygHF4

Boston Tea Party School House Rock  https://youtu.be/t-9pDZMRCpQ

Shots Heard Around The World School House Rock  https://youtu.be/rZMmPWTwTHc

Triangular Trade Route  https://youtu.be/9fKfLSKxgig

American Revolution; American The Story of Us https://youtu.be/qJ50mvc2C4U 

Dear American  The Winter of Red Snow https://youtu.be/xyRrAl94-9c

Battle of Yorktown  https://youtu.be/L6L8h8GOy0A

Northwest Ordinance of 1785-1787 https://youtu.be/02zP5R-3qHM

The Whiskey Rebellion  https://youtu.be/TqtB1yde-RU

Shay's Rebellion  https://youtu.be/YOR9O9mUObE

Great Compromise  https://youtu.be/xBjMZ3u_WeM

Thomas Jefferson https://youtu.be/BDue_xIphv

Judicary Act of 1801

Marbury vs. Madison  https://youtu.be/YFFZYJzv8-I

Louisiana Purchase https://youtu.be/vGRT3LepYw

Moving Westward  https://youtu.be/oV8np9i-6F8

War of 1812  https://youtu.be/qMXqg2PKJZU

Industrial Revolution  https://youtu.be/nl_-6WPQ4Sg

Lowell Girls  https://youtu.be/3YDNfW20zr4

Missouri Compromise  https://youtu.be/68gi3C0A9Fo

Andrew Jackson  Indian Removal Act  https://youtu.be/3E4f_oekpzI

Compromise of 1850 https://youtu.be/j_Bra5yBh6M

Manifest Destiny  https://youtu.be/Bs2w4lwQRtc

Moving Westward and Railroads  https://youtu.be/GUFH2qEeTeo

Northern Industry  https://youtu.be/4SPHwiWZku4

Southern Cotton Kingdom  https://youtu.be/TRlfMhP_CMI

Slavery  https://youtu.be/zZkDYr7qsCw

America The Story of Us  https://youtu.be/g2fMfC_i3Bs


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