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4. Music Data Notebook


Music Class Data Notebook


Dear Student,

Please put these pages in your student data notebook.  Fill in the questions and color in the box by each belt when you earn a new belt on your recorder.  This notebook will help you keep track of your progress in music class.  It will help you celebrate your achievements and set goals for improvement.  It will also be a guide to help you talk to your family about your progress in music class. 


Table of Contents


Our Classroom Culture

Our Mission

Page 2

Our Values

Page 2

Our Roles and Responsibilities

Page 2


Music Class


Page 3


Page 3

Reading Music

Page 3

Playing Tests

Page 3

My Homework

Page 4

Student Led Conference Guide

Page 4


Our Mission:


  • To encourage a community of musical learners.
  • To nurture a love of the arts in all students.
  • To prepare each student with a solid foundation in music.
  • To offer the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for all students.



Our Values:

·        We value the individual ideas and beliefs that every student brings to the classroom.

·        We value hard work and the reward of a job well done.

·        We value uplifting our audience with our performances.

·        We value all genres of music.



Our Roles and Responsibilities:




1.    The teacher will be prepared for music class each week.

2.    The teacher will help all students prepare for performances.

3.    The teacher will help all students become better musicians.

4.    The teacher will share a love of music and enthusiasm about learning with all students.

5.    The teacher will encourage students to do their very best.



1.    Students will be prepared for music class each week.

2.    Students will pay attention and participate in music class.

3.    Students will follow rules for good behavior.

4.    Students will respect others’ ideas, beliefs and tastes in music.




Music Class Participation







I volunteer to play or sing for the class.





I volunteer to comment or answer questions.





I share ideas and opinions in class.





I work and contribute in small groups.






Reading Music






I can read all of the pitches from middle C to high F on the treble clef staff.





I can play all of the pitches from middle C to high D on the treble clef staff.





I can read and play or clap whole, half, quarter and eighth note rhythms.





I can identify basic music symbols: music staff, treble clef, time signature, measure, bar lines and repeat signs.












I listen quietly when the teacher is talking.





I am respectful and friendly to others.





I raise my hand before talking.





I follow hallway rules to and from music class.






Playing Tests


I have earned these recorder belts (color the box by each belt earned)



Holographic White




Holographic Yellow




Holographic Red




Holographic Blue




Holographic Purple




Holographic Green




Second Degree Black








I practice my recorder at least five days each week.


I am ready for music class each week.


I can play my recorder homework each week with a few or no mistakes.



Student-Led Conference Guide


1.    Say hello to your guests.

2.    Show your music data binder: Share Participation, Behavior, Reading Music Data, Playing Test Data, and Homework Data.

3.    I am   happy / not happy   with my progress.  (circle one)

4.    I   do / don’t   need extra help at home. (circle one)

5.    My best work was in ________________.

6.    I need to improve in __________________.      

7.    This is how hard I think I have been working in music class: (Check only one.)

c     I work the very hardest I can every day.      

c     I work pretty hard most of the time.     

c     Sometimes I work hard, and sometimes I don’t.     

c     I don’t do my best work a lot of the time.

8.    This is how I see my behavior in music class: (Check as many as are true.)

c     I pay attention to lessons.

c     I participate in class discussions and activities.

c     I listen carefully when others talk.

c     I am kind and helpful to others.

c     I follow school and class rules.

    9. My goal for the next nine weeks in music class is to




   10.  To reach this goal, I will




11. Smile and say: Thank you for coming to my conference. 

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