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Captivating Science Education

Life on Earth has evolved over 3.5 billion years. Today we find ourselves capable of grasping the facts and implications of our biological history. Only 50 years ago the structure of DNA was discovered, opening the door to understanding the molecular basis of heredity, disease, aging, evolution, and life itself.

There has never been a more exciting or challenging time to teach biology.


Bio-Rad Hercules CampusAs the pace of discovery accelerates, the creation of new technologies with unprecedented applications calls for a scientifically literate population — and a new way to educate our students. Bio-Rad believes that the biotechnology industry should play an integral role in supporting education, helping to develop today's students as tomorrow's scientists, problem solvers, and stewards of the environment. Bio-Rad's Biotechnology Explorer program has provided more than one million students around the world with the opportunity to explore the fundamental techniques of genetic engineering, DNA fingerprinting, DNA amplification, protein expression and analysis, and the creation of genetically modified organisms.


The Biotechnology Explorer program provides access to technological innovations through practical hands-on activities in a format that works in the classroom. The program was created for educators seeking the very best in introductory molecular biology experiences for their students. Bio-Rad classroom lab kits, curricula, and teacher workshops specifically address current standards for life science education. While aligned with core content requirements, Biotechnology Explorer kits connect science in the classroom to topical applications and real-world issues.

Turn your students on to the wonders of science. Challenge them to think about the implications of new technologies. Teach our future voters, scientists, and leaders about the science behind the headlines. Ensure that future scientist-explorers will have the tools they need to begin their journey into the next era of biological discovery.

Providing Tools of Discovery


Bio-Rad Hercules CampusBiotechnology Explorer kits and curricula are designed by teachers and scientists working together to integrate real-world biology topics and activities into existing biology curricula. Bio-Rad kits are supported by a complete selection of research-quality laboratory equipment and supplies. Real-world laboratory activities capture students' imaginations and challenge their understanding of the science and issues behind the technology. With Biotechnology Explorer kits, students receive current information that illuminates applications of biotechnology in their lives, and get hands-on experience with the same tools and techniques that real researchers use.


A Foundation for Science Literacy

Because today's students must be prepared to compete in a global economy driven by science and technology, Biotechnology Explorer kits and curricula have been designed to align with the current science content standards and performance indicators, and meet the expectations of the most rigorous college preparatory curricula.

Biotechnology Explorer addresses the critical need for hands-on, inquiry-based activities — an important component of scientific literacy for all of our young citizens and a launch point of experience and practical training for students interested in biotechnology careers.

Hands-On Activities Provide Depth

While textbooks cover the breadth of topics in biology, hands-on laboratory activities focus on and deepen understanding of selected subjects. Hands-on tools provide opportunities for students to learn key concepts and techniques through active participation and inquiry. Biotechnology Explorer kits enable efficient implementation and standardization of biotechnology activities in the classroom. Our kits are adaptable to a range of grade levels (middle school through college), so you can choose the depth of information that you want to teach.

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