The third and final list is below…and it’s a doozy!  You all thought I was kidding, didn’t you?  This is a challenging scavenger hunt!! You may find it easier to post pictures and video links as you go, rather than waiting to post them all at once late in the contest.  If you are having trouble with getting your pictures to your online folder, come see me before/after school or during your lunch.  I will be happy to help you.  Seems that the most expedient way to get your questions to me and answered is on twitter, so @ me there, and I will try to help.  I hope you all are having a great time. I can’t wait to hear the stories! J 


ten point tasks:

Team members…

10.31. chasing a squirrel.

10.32. with a ladybug

10.33. washing dishes.

10.34. with super hero thumb men.

10.35. doing a handstand.

10.36. discovering a mullet.

10.37. in a tree.

10.38. Extreme close-up of team members.

10.39. with magnets on the fridge.

10.40. holding an 8-track tape.

10.41. pointing to a chandelier.

10.42. using a lion doorknocker.

10.43. being frightened by a gargoyle

10.44. with a favorite stuffed animal.

10.45. wearing red shoes.*

10.46. posing next to a green car made before 1990.
10.47. playing air guitar.
10.48. with or on a large piece of farm equipment.
10.49. with Wal-Mart greeter.
10.50. at the carwash.
10.51. hiding in plain sight.
10.52. on or with a hay bale.
10.53. with a cactus.
10.54. reading books in BCHS library.
10.55. Photo with five things that are your school colors.
10.56. with a Tiki torch.
10.57. getting Mrs. Shockey's autograph.*
10.58. and Chuck Norris
10.59. and a Chinese finger trap.
10.60. setting up dominoes to fall, before and after.



twenty-five point tasks:

Team members…

25.25. The whole team members in catalog poses.

25.26. and a white picket fence.

25.27. doing own laundry.

25.28. wearing prom t-shirt.

25.29. working a problem in math class with an abacus.

25.30. catching a Frisbee in the school yard.

25.31. with the license plate from farthest distance. (only one team awarded points.)

25.32. Entire team doing YMCA.

25.33. and a sign in language other than English.

25.34. under a "for sale" sign.

25.35. pretending to be chickens.*

25.36. Team members under "open 24 hours" sign. 

25.37. Team member releasing a rubber ducky to the wild.
25.38.  in mini-senior-circle.*
25.39. Fe-mullet.
25.40. in front of stained glass window.
25.41. inside a public library (not the school library), looking for the card catalog.
25.42. in a hair net.
25.43. eating cotton candy.
25.44. Black and white and red all over.
25.45. selfie with garden gnome.
25.46. holding something old and moldy.
25.47. on tread mill eating junk food.

25.48. Entire team making goofy faces.



fifty point tasks:

50.21 Team members playing Red Rover with another team.*

50.22 Hand drawn picture of entire team…must be able to tell who is who.

50.23 on child's ride.

50.24 milking a cow.

50.25 Find someone with a nametag with the same name as a team member. Selfie with that person.

50.26 with "weeping woman" in Ashland Cemetery.  Be respectful.

50.27 Best sunset photo (only one team will be awarded points.)

50.28  next to historical marker.

50.29 appearing as giants.

50.30 Coolest shadow picture of all team members (one team awarded points.)

50.31 Something found only in Boyd County.*
50.32 Team member's male guardian in colored facial clay, sipping from a teacup with pinkie extended.
50.33 on a fire truck.
50.34. with a member of local government, currently in office.
50.35. launching 15 paper airplanes off the top of a building (video)
50.36. buying lemonade from competing team's lemonade stand (see 100.15).
50.37. Group photo with Superintendent Walter.
50.38. with a sign on competing team member's car (NO DAMAGE!!) with your own team name…must make reference to #bchshunt17 and the date.
50.39. "mug shots" of entire team.
50.40.  dressed as ghosts in bed sheets, scaring people (video)



one hundred point tasks:

100.11. standing under a public clock that reads 3:25.

100.12. participating in light saber battle in park.*

100.13. Video of all but one (the videographer) team members running pole to pole on the warning track at the baseball diamond.

100.14. Video of each team member doing Ellen's dance dare.

100.15. Entire team in a 25 person conga line.

100.16. Team member manning the drive thru at a fast food restaurant…must be wearing head-set.
100.17. Video of more than one team member juggling eggs…real ones.
100.18. Team members inside a "snowglobe."
100.19. Video of team members leapfrogging all the way down the aisle of a store.*
100.20. The entire team singing the BCHS "Alma Mater" in front of the school. (video) *