Hey, Hunters! 

What a nice day to be out making memories!  Today’s list takes you all some interesting places, and I can’t wait to see the resulting pictures!


Review the previous posts regarding rules and instructions…lots of reminders!  Don’t lose points because you didn’t read closely!  And don’t forget your mandatory tasks! (They are marked with an asterisk!)  Remember that each photo has to have at least two member in it, but that doesn’t mean you both need to have whatever the hunted item is.  Ex. Two team members with one frog is fine. You don’t need two frogs.


If you are having trouble uploading your pictures, send me an email, and I will check things on my end and give you some more detailed instructions.  Don’t worry; you have until Thursday at 10:00 to upload your photos…concentrate on getting the tasks underway.  We will sort out technical difficulties later.


I am getting a BUNCH of great pictures!  It looks like you all are having a great time.

Here is the second part of the list.  You may continue to work on the previous tasks, and you may work on the whole list (no need to complete it in sections). As always, just let me know if you have questions! 


Watch for the third and final part of the list tomorrow!  It’s

the longest list of the three!  Have fun and be safe.


Ten point tasks:

Team members…

10.16. in front of a Family Dollar sign.

10.17. at the Burnaugh Giovanni's sign.
10.18. pictured with frontline at Cannonsburg McDonald's.
10.19. with a brown paper bag.
10.20. with a candy wrapper.
10.21. using a piece of chalk.
10.22. tying a shoelace.
10.23. eating school lunch pizza.
10.24. with a hockey puck.
10.25. with any item that says "home sweet home."
10.26. wearing an apron.
10.27. wearing pair of socks made up of more than six colors.
10.28. with deer
10.29. showing off a caterpillar
10.30. saying hello to a frog


Twenty-five point tasks:

Team members…

 25.13. building a human pyramid, with team members wearing red/white.
25.14. standing in front “the rock.”
25.15. Team members and guests spelling out "LIONS"
25.16. Each team member kissing the lion seal in front lobby.*
25.17. with the most pointless kitchen gadget (only one team gets points.)
25.18. holding from BCHS library with Eiffel Tower on the cover.
25.19. Team members with server at Tres Hermanos.*

25.20. holding a CD with more than ten words in the title.
25.21.  eating dessert with no hands.
25.22. sitting in the dark with flashlights on their faces.
25.23. Entire team's reflection in something other than a mirror
25.24. with a weird yard decoration.


Fifty point tasks:

50.11 Playing basketball on courts in Catlettsburg.
50.12 Eating at Rosie's
50.13 at each of the Boyd County sports fields.
50.14 building a lego kit, and a photo of finished product.
50.15 with a gravestone with oldest birth year. (Be respectful.) Year needs to be visible (only one team gets points.)
50.16 Family recipe from local resident.
50.17 Receipt for $.17 (seventeen cents) worth of gasoline.
50.18 Entire team with school mascot.
50.19 in a doghouse.
50.20 Two team members mummified in toilet paper walking around in public.*


100 point tasks:

100.6. Video of team singing a Christmas carol in public.
100.7. At least three members helping fold clothes at a local laundromat.
100.8. Video of the team purchasing ice cream from an ice cream truck.
100.9. Video of dramatic earthquake scene in a public place.
100.10. Video of team members doing a lip sync battle of Adele’s "Hello" in front of a froyo shop.