Welcome to the 3rd “Annual” Boyd County Senior Scavenger Hunt!  It’s going to be a fun few days, and I am really pleased that you have decided to join in.  Teams may turn in paperwork until Monday, August 22 at 3:30PM, if they wish to join late.  Other teams will get a bit of a head start, but in the long run, it won’t hurt your chances of winning.  For the next three days, I will release a list of tasks.  Those tasks do not have to all be completed that day…you can work on each list all week. The lists will be posted here on the blog.  Let me know if you need clarification about any of the tasks or the instructions.  READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS!!!  Today’s list is below.  You will find tasks for each point value.  Refer to your rule sheet for how and where to send your pictures.  Videos links should be emailed to christy.ford@boyd.kyschools.us


One added challenge:  to be eligible for one of the top three positions, a team must complete several mandatory tasks.  They will be marked with an asterisk (*) as the lists are released.  To win, you must have each starred task completed and among your submitted photos/videos.  Also, don’t forget that at least two team members must appear in each picture!  No team members, no points! 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.  If you have really great pics as you play, share them!  Give us a mention @boydcounty17 or @missford306  and #BCHSHunt17


Ready?  Here you go!


Ten point tasks:

Team members…

10.1.  in graduation cap and tassel.
10.2. with a pink plastic lawn flamingo.
10.3. having a banana milkshake from Crisp's Dairy Treat.
10.4. riding the Merry-go-Round at Armco Park.
10.5. listening to an old vinyl record.
10.6. with Iron Man action figure (five bonus points if he's with Captain America.)
10.7. Have a team member wear an eye patch for the duration of the scavenger hunt, preferably not the person driving.  One extra point per task completed with team member wearing eye patch in photo.
10.8. Running steps at BCHS football field, multiple team members.*
10.9.  wearing something polka dotted.
10.10. with a Transformer car.
10.11. playing with an old yo-yo.
10.12. playing the game operation.
10.13. holding a golf club.
10.14. posing with a lion.
10.15.  selfie of an administrator with all team members.*


Twenty-five point tasks:

Team members…

25.1.  with a former BCHS football player in a three-point stance (not a senior).
25.2. flying a kite.
25.3. with the oldest coin you can find (date must be visible)—only one team is awarded points.
25.4. hitching a horse to a post.
25.5. cheering in the pep section at a BCHS sporting event, in appropriately themed gear.
25.6. riding bicycles with training wheels. Must wear helmets.
25.7.  sitting in a wheelbarrow while another team member pushes it.
25.8. riding in the BCHS elevator.*
25.9. getting an autograph from someone who has been on television or the radio.
25.10. eating green eggs and ham.
25.11. each team member eating a whole anchovy.
25.12. Team member with birthday dessert at local restaurant…complete with candle and/or singing wait staff.


Fifty point tasks:

50.1 Picture of the letters that make up the word "LIONS" from five different places (only counts with all five.)
50.2 Having a water balloon fight on the old BCHS parking lot.  (Two pictures:  one of the the fight, one of you cleaning up after yourselves. Only counts with both pictures.)
50.3 Each team member in a selfie with a teacher you have never had in class.
50.4 wearing clothes inside out at school.
50.5 dressing up a team member as a clown, complete with face paint.
50.6 in a group selfie with Boyd County Sheriff or Deputy.
50.7 At least three team members acting out a scene in front of Catlettsburg floodwall.
50.8 wearing lamest super hero costumes ever.
50.9 "Jump" photo…all team members off the ground.*
50.10 Walking the plank…or all team members planking.


One hundred point tasks:


100.1. Team member getting a perm.
100.2. Each team member collecting cans for recycling, and a picture of the receipt for turning them in and getting paid for them.
100.3. Photo that fits the caption, "I can't believe we all fit in here." (All team members, guests allowed.)
100.4. Team member pumping gas for an old lady.
100.5. Video of team performing synchronized swimming routine.


*mandatory task


Saturday’s list will be posted at about 10:00 AM.


Happy hunting!!!