1.  Get your packets to Mr. Rice before 7th period today!

2.  You will be sharing photos to an online folder at yogile.com set up for your team.  You may email a picture or upload a picture to the site.  Both options are easy and available to you on your smartphones.  Your team will upload to your personalized account.  The account will be formatted www.yogile.com/yourteamname and your email address is yourteamname@yogile.com 

If you had special characters in your team name, they have been omitted because they were not recognized.  So, if you used a #, just leave it off when typing in your team name after the slash.  If you used a character instead of a letter (ca$h), then you will just use the letter (cash). Let me know if you can't figure this out. 

3.  Your first task is to have a team member email or upload a picture of your team name to your yogile folder.  I will give each team 10 points for completing this task.  

4. The first list will be posted as a blog post at this website at 3:25 PM.  Get ready!