Helpful Websites for Educators

The Internet is a teacher's best friend because of the vast array of resources it makes available.  Some of the best that the web has to offer include the following:

Link Types of Resources
CIPA official website for Childrens' Internet Protection Act
Common Sense on E-Rate and CIPA Common Sense Media site for CIPA and E-Rate with curriculum and other resources 
Cool Tools for Teachers Web 2.0 tools
Content Links for Students suggested content-related websites for students, divided by content area
CyberSmart Curriculum Internet safety curriculum
I.S.T.E. national technology standards
Digital Citizenship digital citizenship resources
Digital Citizenship:  Resource Roundup collection of digital citizenship resources from Edutopia
Internet Safety Resources for Elementary website/resources appropriate for elementary students
Internet Safety Resources for Middle/High School websites/resources appropriate for middle/high school students
K.A.T.E. classroom resources of all types
NetSmartz National Center for Missing/Exploited Children Internet safety resources (for parents, students, etc.)
Kentucky Department of Education classroom resources and KDE information
Kentucky Department of Education 
SES (Supplemental Education Services)
information from KDE about Supplemental Education Services
Kentucky Listservs Kentucky educational discussion groups
Kentucky Virtual Library classroom resources (databases for research)
KETencyclomedia classroom resources; professional development; media
KHAN Academy media--primarily math and science
Microsoft in Education classroom resources
PBS Teachers classroom resources; professional development; media
Scholastic for Teachers classroom resources
ThinkFinity classroom resources; professional development