Assessment and Accountability

Janice Marcum
District Assessment Coordinator
Boyd County Board of Education Office
928-4141 ext. 2008

This page provides the public with information and resources as to various assessments given and performance scores from our schools and district.
With the passage of Senate Bill 1 in the 2009 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is poised at the beginning of a new era in public school assessment and accountability. Senate Bill 1 addresses many areas – what will be tested, how subjects will be tested, when tests are given, what should comprise the public school accountability system and more. Boyd County Public Schools will continue to meet the challenges of state assessments as well as support district assessments for students in reading, math and other content areas. Our schools and district have shown tremendous gains over the past five years with a continual rise in assessment scores. As our vision statement reads, Boyd County Public Schools is "The Leader In Learning".

Brigance Kindergarten Screener

August 5-September 16, 2015 (Any student who is enrolled on or before September 16th must be screened)

February-March 2016

February-March 2016

ACT (National Test Dates)

Registration Deadline Test Date
8/7/15 9/12/15
9/18/15 10/24/15
11/6/15 12/12/15
1/8/16 2/6/16
3/4/16 4/9/16
5/6/16 6/11/16

ACT Registration Link:

ACT Test Prep:

ACT (State Assessment Window-Juniors Only)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 (initial test date)
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 (make-up test date)
Tuesday, March 1 - 15, 2016 Accommodations Test Window

Spring K-PREP Testing Window
Last 14 Instructional Days

Additional Info

This link takes you to the Kentucky Dept. of Education (KDE) website. Choose the district and/or school you would like to view to see the assessment data.
This link takes you to the KDE website. Choose the district and/or school you would like to view.

Non-academic Data
This link takes you to the KDE site where you can view dropout, graduation, retention, attendance, and successful transition to adult life rates. It is lagged one year and contributes a specific percentage to a school’s overall accountability index.

ACT (American College Test) Homepage
ACT's homepage links to all ACT's programs, services, research, innovative users, and much more.
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