BC Foundation For Children, Inc.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to support Boyd County Public Schools and is committed to providing financial support for the educational needs of the students in the Boyd County Public Schools' community. 

The Foundation was established in August 1999. In January 2001, the Foundation began taking proposals from Boyd County teachers for implementation of educational initiatives in their classrooms.

The Boyd County Foundation for Children, Inc. disburses funds through the Grant Program for teachers. This program allows grants to be awarded to teachers for implementation of innovative ideas in Boyd County classrooms for which federal or public school funding is not available. 
 To develop broad-based citizen interest and action to improve the quality of education;
 To promote excellence in education in Boyd County;
 To increase community participation;
 To recognize creative initiative in teachers and to publicize them;
 To provide a mechanism for combining resources of the private sector and of the public schools;
 To increase interaction between the school and the community; and
 To provide financial resources beyond the scope of the district’s budget.
Print out a donor form here:  DONOR FORM
 Give generously to the Boyd County Public Schools Foundation for Children, Inc. Your tax-deductible donation will be used to further educational programs and projects for the children of Boyd County Public Schools. No salaries are paid with the funds donated and the Foundation's Board members are volunteers.
 Consider a bequest. Giving through your Will is another way to ensure that future generations of our children benefit from the latest innovations in education. You could specify a percentage or an amount that you would like to go to The Boyd County Public Schools Foundation for Children, Inc.
 Consider a one-time donation, or
 Make a pledge (per pay check, monthly or annually)
Giving to the Foundation provides donors effective ways to:
· Give back to the community.
· See their investment used to benefit children.
· Determine that their donations are to be used to benefit children in the Boyd County School System.
· Encourage  family members to support the Foundation.
· Receive significant tax deductions for contributions given.
Mail checks to: 
Boyd County Public Schools Foundation for Children, Inc.
Attn:  Karen Curnutte
1104 Bob McCullough Drive
Ashland, KY, 41102

For further information regarding the Foundation, please contact the BCFFC District Liaison Karen Curnutte at 606-928-4141
Senior Judge Marc Rosen, President
Denny Locey, Vice President
Hon. Kim McCann, Secretary
Kim Smith, Treasurer
Superintendent R. Brock Walter, Ex-Officio
Karen Curnutte, District Liaison
Rev. Gary Arrington
Jamie Burton
Beverly Carr
Ginger Clark
Lynn Cohen
Jenny Holmes
Dale Jones
Stephanie Kazee
Irene Kuyper
Dr. Paula Larsen
Janet Lester
David Meade
Linda Pfaffenberger
Marganna Phelps
Betty Salisbury
Sandy Thornbury


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